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Dignity Memorial

Strategic Insight

When someone we love passes, it’s the little things we miss the most. Dignity Memorial understands this better than most. Their brand is a symbol of trust and a mark of excellence in a sensitive industry. They’re a company that helps celebrate every life with compassion and attention to detail that is second to none, bringing peace of mind to the families they serve. For them we created a new brand platform that would unify their 25,000 Associates and over 1,900 Affiliates under a new North Star that would become the backbone of communications across all media channels. Included was an extensive photo library shoot, a brand book refresh, a website audit, a new corporate color exploration, and a full 360-degree communications campaign consisting of broadcast Television Commercials and streaming video that ran in both the United States and Canada, Print, OOH, Digital, and both terrestrial and digital Radio.

Dignity Memorial  - Brand Essence
Dignity Memorial  - Brand Essence
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