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Arcana Academy creating community during Covid

When Covid-19 pandemic restrictions required restaurants to close their doors, we couldn't help but think of our neighborhood restaurants. We wanted to do something to help. We approached master chef and owner Michiyo “Michi” Wilson about rebranding her Japanese restaurant. She was thrilled and wanted to use the time to update the interior of the restaurant as well.

This project, which included logo design, naming, food photography, menu, signage, and table toppers can be read about in recent media coverage by City Biz, AdStasher, and Marcom News.

More than ever before, these are the times we need to help our friends and neighbors. Thank you to Michi for being open to change and to Ad Stasher, Marcom News, and City Biz for covering this story. Arcana Academy is an independently owned advertising agency located in Los Angeles, CA.


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