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Balloon Brigade NFT Launch

To help create buzz and drive donations to the 501c (3) non-profit, Balloon Brigade, Los Angeles based advertising agency, Arcana Academy, has concepted a collection of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection features 25 images of balloons that have been pulled from ocean while on what the Balloon Brigade team has deemed “retrieval missions” and photographed by internationally awarded creative team of Lee Walters and Shane Hutton. Each balloon has its own unique fingerprint that becomes a work of art created by the ocean.

“With the emerging growth of the NFT space, we thought this is an innovative way to raise awareness of Balloon Brigade and give supporters something truly one of a kind in the non-profit space as opposed to just a t-shirt, water bottle, or tote bag.” says Arcana Academy Account Director - Marshall Detwiler.

From birthdays to anniversaries to signs of affection no matter the occasion, if a balloon is let go it will ultimately end up floating around in the Pacific Ocean waiting to be consumed by marine life. However, the Balloon Brigade wants to make sure that never happens.

Their goal is to bring awareness to the growing problem of balloon debris in our oceans. It’s also important to note they don’t want to kill the balloon industry. People love balloons, Balloon Brigade loves balloons. The mission is to promote responsible disposal which is why their tagline is “Always Catch. Never Release.”

100% of NFT sales, trades, and transfers from this engagement are tax deductible donations and will be used to continue efforts to make removing litter fun and help make our coastal waters safer for marine life.


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