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Watch "Destination Restoration"

Any agency can come up with the idea for a reality TV show. Significantly fewer can actually execute one. Even fewer can do it for no incremental budget. We don’t toot our own horn often, but on this one, we just gotta say, beep beep.


For this project, we created the show beats, casted the talent, selected a production company, sourced a house, and completed four 4-minute episodes, on time and on budget, for our client KILZ® Primer.


Our designer was Los Angeles interior designer Jason Lai. We paired him with professional painter Jared Foster to restore a kitchen, a prima

ry bedroom, a bathroom, and a living room in a 4th-generation home in Morro Bay, CA.

Each episode of the show highlights a different one of our client’s products and outlines the specific way that product is best used. The show also allows other brands that our client is affiliated with to showcase some of their hero products, as well.


All of this is accomplished inside of snack-sized content that is legitimately entertaining to watch for its own sake. We don’t know of another national brand that has done it. And for us, that’s the most exciting part.

Special thanks to our friends at Buzzlab for helping us make this show a reality.


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