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Strategic Insight

Professional Painters are a very niche group. If they happen to make up half your market, you need to talk with them. But how? That was the question we faced in 2021 when we created the KILZ Ultimate Pro Van Contest. With no increase in spend, we took a wholistic view of various consumer engagement initiatives and consolidated them into one that gave Pro Painters something they knew could help them in their business.


A professional painter’s dream van, fully customized by experts at MotorTrend to be the most functional, most desirable, painter’s van imaginable. Barriers to entry were intentionally kept high to make sure we got quality leads. Year one was the most successful consumer engagement program in the history of the company, picking up partnership with BEHR PRO as well.


Every year since it has grown and now includes both owned brand partners, a retail partner with The Home Depot, and friendly 3rd party professional painter brands like 3M and Grayco. It is a full 360º campaign consisting of pre-roll digital video, custom social video, social statics & carousels, print, retail display, website graphics & contest entry form, and entry video judging, consolidation, and winner recommendation.

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